At Plus we are always buying hype sneakers, clothing or streetwear related items in brand new/unworn condition and 100% authentic.

We are NOT currently purchasing cards or card related items.

If you are looking to sell a singular shoe or item, please refer to the buy out form below. You will be contacted by someone from our buying team to set up an in-person selling appointment if your offer strikes our interest.

If you have multiple items for sale or are looking to sell in bulk, please list all pairs in the body of the form, or make multiple submissions.

Please ensure to include the item name, item size, and a bottom line selling price and confirm the item is in brand new condition as we do not buy any used items.

We will not reply to any inquires missing this crucial information**

Please note, all offers are subject to change after 24-hours, unless there has been a special arrangement made between our buying team and yourself.