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Plus is Canada’s largest and fastest growing streetwear and collectibles store specializing in the most sought-after clothing, sneakers, accessories and trading card products. We have five locations across Canada and are continuously branching out to more markets and high volume locations across the country.
Please include the following information when submitting your application:    
- Which location you are applying for.
- Your work availability.
- Social media links (optional)
- Attach your resume
Sales Associate
(Full Time & Part Time)
- Perform point of sale transactions.
- Establish a relationship with the customers through respectful and knowledgable service. Uphold customer service standards set at PLUS.
- General upkeep. Making sure no shoes have broken wraps, all items have tags, storefront stays replenished and tidy, etc.
- Keep up to date with new products that enter the shop.
- Contribute to a positive team environment.
- Able to work well and efficiently in sometimes crowded environments.
- Clear and patient communicator.
- Organized individual able to multitask.
- Must be honourable and follow up with customers who’ve requested help or have had items sourced.
- Show a willingness to learn new and changing internal systems.
- Educated in streetwear and sneaker culture.
- Ability to authenticate sneakers/clothing (Nike, Yeezy, Supreme, etc).
- Retail Experience is a plus.
We look forward to viewing your submissions and working with new and passionate individuals in the community.
Plus Team